Roof Moss Cleaning

Sometimes getting your gutters cleaned can turn into a seemingly never ending job. Often this is the case if your roof has a moss problem. The gutters can be cleaned thoroughly but then, shortly afterwards, more moss falls from the roof into the guttering and blocks them, causing over flowing or even water damage.
We can come and clean the moss from your roof.roof moss cleaning london
Some company’s will come and use a pressure washer to clean the moss off the roof. We don’t do this as this can actually lead to more problems. If your roof tiles are loose they will often be completely dislodged by the pressure washer. Or if tiles are missing water damage can actually occur. Also if the roof tiles are cleaned with a pressure washer they can often end up looking completely different and several apparently different shades of tile appear on your roof, giving it an “odd” look.
Here at Gutter Cleaning UK Ltd we quite simply scrape the moss from the roof, collecting the moss as we go a long. Obviously we have specialist ladders in order to reach the moss and get the job done. We find cleaning the roof moss of in this fashion more effective. Additionally the roof still looks uniform in colour so the cleaning job doesn’t end up leading to additional remedial work.
When cleaning the roof moss we would also clean the guttering for you thouroughly so any blockages were handled while we were up on the roof doing the job. Even if you have had your gutters cleaned fairly recently it is advisable to have them cleaned again whilst we are providing this service. It is innevitable some moss will run down the roof into the guttering during the process and we would not want to leave it there.
Occassionally on older style property we will use a pressure washer to clean the moss. The reason for this is that the dye in the tiles is virtually non existent¬† once the property reaches a certain age. Even if we scrape the moss the colour of the tiles will look different anyway. Additionally it may be very difficult in older property’s to get the moss off the roof without a pressure washer.¬† The technician will advice you which method is best to use ohn your property when he arrives.
The height of your property and actual size if very important information for us in order for us to determine an accurate quote. Please be as specific and detailed as you possibly can be when requesting a quote for roof moss cleaning.