What areas do you cover?
Most of our work is in London so we cover all of London. North London is as easy for us to do as Central London. We also cover Brighton, Crawley, East Sussex, West Sussex, Slough, Surrey and Kent. Basically the whole of the South East of England
My house has 3 floors and I’ve been told it can’t be done. Can you still clean the gutters?
Absolutely! We use the Omnipole guttervac system and can clean gutters up to 50 feet or up to 4 floors.
How do I know my gutters need cleaned? I can’t see what’s in them.
If your gutters haven’t been cleaned in the last year it is advisable to have them cleaned.
Here are some tell tale signs however that you can look out for.
1) If there is overflowing from the gutters when it rains then the chances are the guttering is full or blocked and needs cleaned. Possibly overflowing of the gutters would occur due to gaps between the joins. We would rectify this as part of our gutter cleaning service.
2) If you can see grass, leaves or other debris sticking out from the gutters then the gutter is probably obstructed and not working correctly. Gutter Cleaning UK Ltd can rectify this for you.
3) Sometimes the gutters are not on their mounting properly. So the weight of what is in the guttering has meant it has been pulled away from their mounting and the gutter is likely to be blocked.
4) Metal, aluminum or copper gutters are showing signs of rusting.
5) The facia or wooden boards are showing signs of rot or are coming away from the building
6) After it rains clumps of moss are deposited on the patio or around the house.
There are other signs that the guttering may need to be cleaned out but if you notice any of these then it would be advisable to have your gutters cleaned or cleared.
Do you also clean the soffitts or the fascia boards?
This isn’t a service needed directly to maintain the waterproofing benefits of well maintained gutters. However clean soffits and facias help toward maintaining an attractive looking home so we do do this as an additional service. Please ask when you initially inquire about getting your gutters cleaned and we will include it in the quote.
Where about do you clean gutters?
Mostly we clean Gutters in London and Surrey. However we also operate in Brighton and Kent. We have Gutter Cleaners in Richmond, Chelsea, Central London and East London. Also guttering cleaning or gutter cleaning services in West Sussex and East Sussex. Check our Areas we cover page if in any doubt.
Do you replace gutters?
We replace any plastic gutters. Normally  only a small section needs replaced but we do replace large sections if this is what is required to repair the guttering. If necessary we can replace the whole guttering system, includding the fascia board and soffits. We do not replace metal, aluminum, concrete (finlock) or copper guttering.
Do I need to be home?
No. If it is difficult for you to be home due to work commitments or other scheduling problems we can come and do the job and leave you an invoice. If you live in a terraced house and we need to go through the house to access the back then off course arrangements would need to be made to make sure someone was in when we were coming to either clean your gutters or repair the gutterring simply to allow access to the back gutterring.
Are you insured?
Yes we have insurance to cover 5 million public liability and 2 million employees liability. This means we can undertake jobs for domestic and commercial customers. For example local authorities or housing associations can employ our services as well as maintenace companies and domestic customers.
Do you clean gutters for commercial properties or sites?
Yes. As already stated we can clean or repair gutters for local authorities, maintenance companies and also domestic customers. We specialize in cleaning gutters for Schools, Hospitals, Guest Houses, Hotels, Churches, Shops, Offices and Retail Parks & Industrial units.
Can you clean the moss from my roof?
Yes we can. Have a look at our Roof Moss Cleaning page.