Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning UK Ltd are specialists in Commercial Gutter Cleaning as well as domestic gutter cleaning.
We clear and clean gutters for Hotels, Schools, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Industrial Units, Retail Parks, Shops, Churches etc. and have worked for many years now clearing commercial clients gutters all over London, Surrey and Kent. gutter cleaning London
With over 5 years experience and a growing clientelle of commercial clients we feel we can help rectify almost any guttering problem in the commercial field.
The Omnipole Guttervac system is primarily employed to do such work.
We can normally carry out an estimate for you and give you the quote in writing within 7 to 10 days of your initial inquiry. We will certainly strive to also complete the work for you within this time period if you so require. If there is an urgency due to water damage or potential water damage let us know either on the form to the left or when you call for a quote and we will priorities your quote so we get to you as soon as is possible.
Some clients like to have us take pictures of any damaged area. If you would like us to do this as part of the service please let us know and we will ensure our operatives take pictures during the cleaning of the gutters and guttering.
Very occassionally whilst clearing and cleaning the gutters we discover damageĀ  to the gutters and guttering which needs to be rectified in order to maintain the water proofing and weather proffing of the building. Occasionally it is very serious and the whole guttering system needs replaced.
If we encounter this during the gutter cleaning process we will provide you with a full report of the damage. You are under absolutely no obligation to have us then come in and do any necessary remedial work to rectify this. In fact we are happy to recommend other reputable companies if you would prefer that.
If the commercial building that you wish us to clear for you is taller than 50 ft we may need to employ other equipment other than the Omnipole guttervac. Again let us know if possible when you inquire and we will give you an accurate quote for cleaning and clearing the gutters and guttering.