Home Improvements From Gutter Cleaning UK

We recently had to clean some blocked gutters on a house in Mayfair, London.

It was a lovely home with original cast iron guttering. Unfortunately the gutters were so full of debris and blocked that water had been seeping through the outside wall and had managed to come into the flat and badly damaged their bathroom.

The Damaged Wall

What Full Gutters Can Do

The clients got the gutters cleaned by us and all the debris and blockages were handled.

Due to the damage done by the blocked gutters they decided to revamp their bathroom completely.

They had a fantastic bath that they did not want to replace it. They decided to get it re enamelled

Although we saw the finished bath I didn’t think to get a picture. It looked stunning however.

Here is a picture of a bath The Bath Business did restore just to give you an idea. These guys do seem to know what they are doing.

Restored Canopy Bath

An Amazing Canopy Bath Restored by The Bath Business

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